Communicate Well and Communicate Often! 
Now more than ever, you need to communicate with your team every day and be available for them whenever they need you. 
Currently, being a business owner or manager is rather like being a parent. No matter how stressed or concerned you may feel, you must show a calm exterior to your people. It’s important to keep emotions at bay when talking to staff, avoid criticism more than ever, but be real. Show your concern in their welfare, understand their challenges but always consider how you can flip perspective to help people see the positives. 
Daily Meetings are a must! 
If you don’t have daily team meetings in the office, this is a great time to set them up virtually. You can have a 10 minute ‘huddle’ at the start or end of every day. 
Each member of the team gets to say what’s gone well, what’s been challenging and one thing they will do differently today/tomorrow. That way everyone stays in touch, everyone feels heard and the team may well help each other to solve problems. It will also help you gauge morale and any underlying issues that you may otherwise not see because you are not working in the same space. 
Keep staff updated 
Provide key updates for your staff and deliver them through consistent channels whether that be email, messaging or video meeting. If you need to change any processes or policies, plan the best way to communicate it to your team with the least disruption. 
Check in regularly 
And remember, staff really do want a manager to check in with them regularly. A 2017 survey of 1100 remote workers in Harvard Business Review showed that 46% of respondents rated managers as successful based on this one criterion. Know your people. Some may want to speak to you once a day, others a few times a week. Either way, this is one time when you really can’t communicate enough. 
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