With last week being the spring half-term holiday, it got us thinking about how it can be difficult for working parents to balance their work life with caring for a young family. In addition, all employees - parents or not - can have times when they're struggling to cope with various family difficulties. 
Many large corporations and public bodies have specific policies in place that address these employee needs, whilst smaller businesses often don't have anything defined. As a result, it can be confusing for employers to know what to do when an employee is experiencing problems at home. However, providing a family friendly work environment with clear work life balance policies doesn't have to be difficult or costly. 
Amongst your employees, you're likely to have: 
•Mothers and fathers with young children 
•Individuals with sick or elderly dependents 
•Individuals facing and/or coping with separation or divorce 
•Individuals facing and/or coping with bereavement 
•Pregnant women with maternity rights 
•Fathers entitled to paternity leave 
•Parents entitled to parental leave 
•Individuals with short and/or long term medical conditions 
There is often complex legislation surrounding employees' rights relating to these types of issues. What are the rules when someone asks for time off for a dependent, requests compassionate leave or needs to attend medical appointments during working hours? What rights does a pregnant woman or new father have, and what about when the parents are adopting a child? 
It can be a minefield trying to deal with employee issues if you don't know the law and don't have policies in place defining how they are handled. Mishandling an issue could ultimately see the employment relationship breaking down and you could find yourself facing an Employment Tribunal. 
If you would like to find out more about family friendly and work life balance policies, please feel free to give me a call on 01582 488410 or email us
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