Most companies organise a Christmas social event. Usually involving a meal or a party. 
Aside from this what else can you do to create a festive feel in your company without it causing too much disruption to the day to day operations of your business? Staff who love coming to work and enjoy the atmosphere will be more productive in the long run. 
Here are some ideas 
1. Decorations! 
A nice tree and some Christmas Decorations will give your workplace a festive atmosphere. You could have an internal competition to see which department has the best decorations! But you might want to keep to a colour scheme in keeping with your business. Whatever you do Christmas decorations always lift the spirits. 
2. Secret Santa. 
Always great fun as no one knows who has brought what presents. This great website helps you organise this. CLICK HERE 
3. End of year awards. 
Survey staff and managers on who should get an end of the year award. You could have some of the usual categories based around performance but also fun ones like ‘The Tidiest Desk’ ‘Best Timekeeper’ etc. Bottles of wine and chocolates are ideal and maybe a fun award or certificate. 
4. Christmas Competition. 
Depending on your business, this could be based around sales. How about suggestions for 2020- so a prize for the best one. Or you could do a fun quiz on the last day of work before Christmas. 
5. Christmas Shopping. 
Giving staff a few additional hours off to do some Christmas Shopping will be well received. Of course, this does depend on your business but even 2 hours off can make a difference in staff morale. 
6. Christmas Cards and Gifts. 
This shows your appreciation and makes people feel valued. People who feel valued tend to stay in jobs longer and this helps your business in the long term. There are tax implications on giving gifts – check out this blog here from Spicer and Co all about this! 
7. Christmas Jumper or Fancy-Dress day. 
Why not have a Christmas Jumper day which could be for charity or a fancy-dress day with a Christmas theme. Best dressed gets a prize! Photos can be posted onto your website or social media. People love to deal with companies who have fun. So this is an ideal way to spread some Christmas cheer and raise money for a good cause. Save the Children have an annual 'Christmas Jumper Day' promotion. Check out the details-CLICK HERE.  
8. Staff Games Day 
Why not suggest staff bring in some games for just one day? This was something many of us did at school and why not in the workplace. Or you can create some fun games for the office. Maybe do this towards the end of the day and add in some drinks and a buffet! 
The end of the year is cause for celebration so make sure your workplace puts the fun into the festivities! 
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