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At Plain Talking HR we are passionate about providing simple and straight forward HR support to small and medium sized businesses. We use our extensive knowledge and experience gained in a range of commercial industries such as Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Retail and Aviation to ease the burden of employment/staff issues for those companies who cannot justify the cost of in house expertise.

We have a philosophy that when problems occur, they should be nipped in the bud. If they are allowed to fester the consequence could be at the least a breakdown in relationships and at the worst, an unpleasant and costly visit to an Employment Tribunal.

Employment law can be complex but it is there to protect both the employer and the employee. If you are mindful of its requirements, then the employment of people is a good experience, rather than a nightmare!

We equip you with pragmatic solutions for your people issues. Our advice will protect you from employment law potholes! Importantly, we provide practical support when issues develop within your workforce.

At Plain Talking HR we provide our clients with quick, decisive and cost effective HR support and advice. We take the time to listen and implement the best solution for you and your business needs.

Plain Talking HR is an innovative and cost effective approach to HR issues. They are great listeners and fomulate and deliver solutions to any HR matter in both a friendly and professional manner. No matter what the size of the company or issue they are always at hand and give their full attention and focus.
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